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My Memories of You

Release in TBD   |   In Development   |  Dramatic Thriller

Writers: Adam Reider
Director: Adam Reider

Producers: TBD

Production: Spectropia Pictures

Alz2 is the name of a super strain of Alzheimer's disease that seems to be infecting the worlds population. It causes violent outbursts in addition to memory loss and dementia.

Among the Chaos, Sam Cohen tries to hang on to love while he attempts to make sense of it all. If only he can hang on to his own humanity as the world he knows, crumbles around him.

"My Memories Of You" is a Romantic Horror film about memory, the tradition of marriage and a discussion about personal identity. When does a person cease being that person even if they are in the same body?

My Memories of you Mock Poster 3.jpg
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