Woodland Grey

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Release in 2021   |   In Festival Release   |  Dramatic Thriller

Writers: Adam Reider & Jesse Toufexis
Director: Adam Reider

Producers: Tamara Dupuis, Francesco Gianinni,
                  Daniel Roy, Dominic Ewenson, Kyle Bibby Larson,

                  John Fallon, Christina Saliba, Adam Reider

Production: Franky Films, Filmoption Int., Spectropia

                   Pictures, Rev13 Films, Aperture Ent.







Blood In The Snow

        (Toronto, ON)

Another Hole In The Head (winner)

        (San Francisco, CA) 

Cinema On The Bayou

        (Lafayette, LA)

Montreal Independent Film Festival


Midwest Weirdfest

        (Eau Claire, WI)

Beloit International Film Festival

        (Beloit, WI)

A hermit living in the deep woods who rescues and eventually befriends a young hiker only to have her discover a terrifying secret behind the man's home. 


Woodland Grey is a stylized psychological thriller with horror elements throughout. It is very much a character-based film that deals with themes of guilt, grief and regret. The lead characters demonstrate a desperate yearning to self-medicate the darkest times in their lives through isolation. This is something that is so universal and ripe for the medium of film. 

Woodland Grey - Teaser Trailer
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